SSV is a mountainside community with long-and short-range views and natural forestation, interlaced with thoughtfully planned landscaping.  It is the HOA’s goal to maintain this natural mountainous setting in a cost-efficient manner for the enjoyment of our residents and the enhancement of our property values. 


If you would like to read the full landscaping guidelines, including the procedures for developing a landscape plan, our annual mulch project, as well as a list of noxious, invasive and prohibited plants, please scroll down to the button at the bottom of this page.


The Grounds Committee is responsible for landscape maintenance and modifications. They oversee our professional landscapers who provide lawn care services for our Common and Limited Common Elements, including mowing, edging, leaf blowing, fertilizing, weed control, drainage maintenance and shrub and tree trimming. Other service providers, such as arborists and drainage engineers, are hired as needed.


The Grounds Committee is also responsible for approving all major changes to Owners’ landscaping in their mulched beds adjacent to their Living Units. Planned changes are reviewed for appropriateness of overall design, plant material selection, location of
plants, number of plants and the impact on future landscape maintenance.


While we encourage our owners to express their personal taste and creativity in and around their homes, everyone has to be mindful that we  share the space with each other as well as the wildlife that contribute to the charm of this region.  We also benefit from having a wide array of beautiful native plants that Owners are encouraged to install.  Invasive and noxious plants are prohibited.  Food-oriented plants that could stimulate a visit from a curious animal, (e.g., herbs, vegetables, fruits including fruit bearing trees) may only be planted in containers, preferably on the decks.