Realtors’ Guide to Selling a Townhome in SouthSide Village

We are happy to work together!

Although we never like to lose a neighbor, when the time comes for one of our Owners to move, we want to help make the process as easy as possible. At those times, we want our realtor friends to have a thorough understanding of our community and its operations so that they can best inform prospective buyers. This SouthSide Village (SSV) website contains many resources about our community. Feel free to make copies of the materials in our Community section. As well, it is important to ensure that you are aware of our HOA rules applicable to selling a townhome in SSV

Our Homes

A private road winds up the side of Brown Mountain, the setting for 37 duplex townhomes. SouthSide Village is a quiet, vibrant Asheville neighborhood with just 74 residential units. Soaring ceilings and open decks contribute to a feeling and reality of spaciousness in these 1,250- 4,200 sq. ft. open floor plan homes.

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