Gate User Information

This  information is for guests, contractors, and realtors. SSV residents can find complete instructions regarding the gate in the “SSV Gate User’s Guide” posted in the residents-only section of this website.




When vehicles enter SouthSide Village from Mills Gap Road, the call box is on the median strip to their left, about fifty feet in from the road.  Anyone who does not have a remote must stop at the call box to gain entry.


Guests and contractors need to contact the appropriate resident to obtain information about usage of an entry code for the gate. 


Realtors who have listed a property within SouthSide Village need to read the “Realtor’s Guide to Selling a Townhome in SSV”, which  contains Guidelines about contacting the SSV Gatekeeper at to obtain a temporary gate code for showing the property.  This code may be given to other realtors, but must not be shared with the general public. The temporary code will be deactivated when the property has been sold.


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GATE SWINGS OUT. Visitors waiting for the gate to open should remain approximately 20 feet away from the gate to allow for clear entry.




The gates will open automatically when a vehicle approaches from inside SSV.  The sensor is located under the pavement just inside the gate.  Please approach the gates slowly.  Once your vehicle is detected, it takes them about 7 seconds to open.  The gates will stay open for 30 seconds.  There is a sensor across the gate pillars, which will prevent them from closing if the beam is blocked by a vehicle, a person, or anything else.